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As spring is finally trying to make itself known, we are coming upon a busy time at the school.  As I look at our calendar, I realize that we only have nine weeks of school remaining and the year is going to finish up quickly. For me it will go much quicker as I be taking a three-week medical leave after my ankle surgery on the 18th.

To kick off May we are pleased to present our annual Musical Production, SWITCHED, which was written by grade eight student Laura B. SWITCHED is an adaptation of the Freaky Friday movie where two fraternal twins switch bodies. Students have been busy rehearsing and getting everything ready since January.  This year’s production features original music written by our director, Miss Barr, and the students. The music is catchy and every time I hear the opening song, it makes me want to join in the dancing! Our first performances are free matinees for our Holy Spirit Schools on Wednesday May 2 and Thursday May 3 and evening shows are open to the public.  Cast 2 performs Wednesday evening and Cast 1 performs on Thursday evening at 7:00 pm at the University of Lethbridge Theatre.  Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students and $5 for FLVT students.  Tickets can be purchased through School Cash Online for FLVT students, on our website (https://www.holyspirit.ab.ca/flvt/whatsNew.cfm?whatID=83), at the school office or at the door. I look forward to seeing the performances and to seeing you at our production.

Switched Poster

The rest of May is going to fly by as it is filled with a variety of activities.  The week after the production is over, our grade six and nine students will write Part A of their Language Arts Provincial Achievement Test. We will also be administering the Canadian Achievement Test for our grades 4-9 students and when we have the results at the end of the year, we will be using them to help inform our teaching practices. We honour the achievement of our junior high First Nations Metis and Inuit students with an awards evening at 5:30 pm at Catholic Central on May 17. The Edwin Parr nominees from the South Zone will be honored at a banquet on May 9th and I’d like to wish Miss Barr luck as she represents not only Van Tighem, but also the Holy Spirit School Division.

Other events going on in May are Jr. Hawks basketball for Grades 1-3, Track and Field meets for Grades 6-9, and our fabulous Marathon club for Grades 1-6. I have no doubt that we have the best club in the city due to our detailed training schedule and breakfast program.  The club finishes on the 30th with the Little Souls Marathon run at 6:30 pm at Chinook High School.  There are also book club meetings and numerous field trips going on all throughout the month. May culminates with the Grade 6 Camp at Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp.  Our Grade 6 classes will enjoy 4 days of fun-filled (and hopefully sun-filled) days of activities.  We hope that spring will have truly arrived so our campers enjoy beautiful weather.

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Spiritual: Fruits of Charity

May is the month of Mary, a woman of not only grace and love, but also of patience and charity. Our virtue focus for May and June, Spiritual, is tied to Charity and asks us to follow the example Jesus taught us in the way we think, speak, and act.  What better example to look to than His mother, Mary? Her life was full of difficulties and uncertainty, but she bore them with patience and faith in God’s will.  She had to face her betrothed when she was found to be pregnant then, after Jesus was born, she fled to Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod. The fear of every mother is losing a child and Mary must have been anxious when Jesus went missing for three days and was then found in the Temple.  What must she have had to endure as she stood by the cross while Jesus was crucified?

The three fruits of Charity are joy, peace and mercy. Patience isn’t easy to practice as it involves the pursuit of peace. In practicing patience, we must resolve conflicts peacefully, without resorting to violence.  When you have a disagreement with a classmate try to resolve it peacefully by talking to one another. We can practice mercy by forgiving others. Holding grudges is not the way Jesus taught us to live so try your best to forgive others in the school community. Going to confession is another great way to ask God to forgive us for our trespasses. Probably the most difficult aspect is the fruit of joy: waiting without becoming upset or annoyed and continuing on in the face of difficulty.  There always seems to be one person in class who annoys you or gets under your skin, but try to follow Jesus’ command of “loving one another as I have loved you”.

Charity is about friendship and communion. This month, let us try to imitate and honor Mary who was the embodiment of patience and charity. Pope Francis tells us that “charity, patience and tenderness are very beautiful gifts.  If you have them, you want to share them with others”. Share your gifts by bearing your crosses without becoming upset or annoyed, forgive those who wrong you and solve your conflicts peacefully.

charity pope francis

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