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In the Alberta Education Business Plan the Minister of Education articulated goals for the province. Our Holy Spirit board then set strategic priorities that aligned with the Business Plan. For our FLVT Improvement Plan, we chose the following three priorities to focus on that aligns with the Board’s direction:
1. Staff and students will grow in their faith and experience the richness of Catholic Education.
2. All students will develop literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare them for a changing future.
3. First Nations, Metis and Inuit students will achieve equitable educational outcomes.

Within those priorities, we created goals to move the school forward. This month I would like to highlight the work we have done with our first Van Tighem Virtue. After our kickoff in September students and teachers focused on the Honest Virtue. It is tied to the Catholic virtue of Prudence. Prudence allows us to reason and apply that thinking in order to determine the honest or proper action in each situation and to choose the correct means of achieving it. It is prudence that guides the judgment of conscience and allows us to choose to do good. Each class was asked what being honest meant and what behaviours would demonstrate it. They worked on this as part of their weekly classroom meetings and then all responses were put together into a Wordle. If you are not familiar with Wordle, the size of the word is proportionate to the number of times it is mentioned. The following is how our students articulate the Van Tighem Virtue of Honest.


Being honest means telling the truth at all times. This is applied to ALL AREAS of the school. Approach all situation with honesty, even if mistakes have been made. Admit it when you do something wrong. Be responsible for your own actions.



In the CLASSROOM, students decided that being honest means doing your own work. Keep your eyes on your own test. Own up to mistakes concerning your work. Be responsible for your learning and your behaviour. If you ask to leave, go where you say you are going. Do what you are supposed to be doing. Ask if you don’t understand something. Pay attention. Follow the classroom rules and procedures.



While in the HALLWAY, students decided that it is important to say sorry or apologize if you bump into someone. When working in the hallway, stay on task. Walk quietly so you don’t disturb other classes. Take turns and be respectful coming in and out at recess. Go outside right away and on time when it is recess. If someone drops something, pick it up and return it to them. Help keep the hall clean by using garbage cans and return found items. If you damage something, tell someone.



One thing that many classes agreed upon was that being honest means to follow the rules of the game while in the GYM. When you are tagged or hit, own it. Be a good sport. Play fair. Use equipment properly and if something breaks, report it to a supervisor. Be respectful in the change room.



Respecting the rules of the playground demonstrates honesty while students are OUTSIDE. Take turns on the playground equipment. Follow the rules of the game. Play fairly. Listen to the supervisors. Come in on time when the bell rings. Use the crosswalk when leaving campus. Respect the environment and use garbage cans. Even if you accidentally trip or hurt someone, own it. When problems arise outside with other students, tell the truth to solve the problem.

Our students came up with excellent examples that articulate the Honest virtue. Having the Wordles and statements posted around the school will help our community to remember how we demonstrate the virtue and will remind us of the correct behaviour to choose as we try to follow the example set for us by Jesus. If you want to learn more about the content of the FLVT Improvement Plan it is on the agenda for the November Parent Council meeting on the 9th at 7:00 pm in the library. I look forward to seeing you.

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